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Friday, December 20, 2013


My final Civil War Bride border is finished!!!  I'm so happy to be through with it.  Now I can assemble the quilt top and finish the embroidery and final applique pieces that will go in the corners of the borders.  

It took me 3 years to finish all the applique and I didn't even do all 20 of the blocks.  This quilt was my first attempt at hand applique so it was a learning process for me.  I can see how I improved with each block.  Had I not discovered back basting, I never would have started this quilt.  It made the process so easy and accurate.  I plan on machine quilting it on my domestic machine next year.  

My next applique project is Botanika.  I already have 2 blocks finished and I hope to be able to finish it a lot faster than my CWB.

Here are some pictures.  I didn't press the pieces or clean off all the little threads but I was so happy to have it finished that I quickly took some photos.  


  1. A good final border. The horse is my favorite part of it.

  2. Eileen, you have done an amazing job on this. It is so very pretty!


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